5 Things Beer Lovers Should Know

Beer is America's favorite alcoholic beverage, and Williquors knows beer. Beers are thirst-quenching and pair well with all kinds of food. So, what exactly is "beer"?

Are cans or bottles better?

Most beers come in cans and bottles. The vessels are high-quality storage units, with much of the yeast is cleared out by the filtering that happens in the packaging process. While this kind of purification may be desirable to some, to others, the yeasty-ness is just part of a beer's character and makes it tasty. Are bottles better than cans? The answer: "It's up to you!" Ask the "beer experts" at Williquors for information on your favorite beers.

So what's draft, or "draught" beer?

Draft beer, also known as "draught beer," is served from a keg or cask vs a bottle or can. At Williquors, we have up to 14 draft beer selections on tap for your enjoyment. You can bring your own growler or pick up one of ours.

Why is it called a "draft"?

The words come from the Old English "dragan" meaning "to carry" or "pull". It was then developed into a series of related words including "draught, "drag," and "draw". "Draught" is the preferred term in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, while "draft" is more common in North America. Although it can be spelled many ways, the pronunciation is the same (and it rhymes with "craft").

Do drafts taste better?

Drafts are often considered tastier when compared to beer from bottles and cans. Drafts are stored in kegs or casks, and are not exposed to as much air (which may cause a degradation of taste. Draft beer is also not pasteurized (heated to kill bacteria), so more of the original, fresh flavor is retained.