We stand alone when it comes to provide store pick and single barrel options. We seek and select a wide range of bourbon whiskey and tequila to truly offer something for anyone. We want to help you find your new favorite so all of our store selections are always available to try before you buy so you can be sure you will not be disappointed.

New Arrivals

Yellowstone Bourbon

115 Proof Single Barrel

"Last Stone Standing" was selected by our team at the Yellowstone Distillery in July of 2023

Patron Anejo

Aged 24 months in bourbon barrels

Garrison Brothers

128.1 proof & 128.3 Proof Single Barrels

The 128.1 Proof is a 36 bottles & 128.3 is 18 bottles.

Rebel Distiller's Collection

113 Proof Wheated Bourbon

This barrel was selected at our store by our staff and sales representatives from RNDC.

Rebel Cask Strength

120 Proof Wheated Bourbon

This was selected on our July barrel trip.

Rossville Union

112 Proof Straight Rye

"2nd Edition" is just that our 2nd Rossville barrel. This one is the barely legal mashbill of 51% Rye 45% Corn and 4% Malted Barley

Store Picks on hand

  • Backbone Single Barrel Bourbon Finished in Sherry Barrels
  • Backbone Single Barrel Straight Wheat Finished in Rum barrel
  • Balcones True Blue Cask Strength Single Barrel 116.4 Proof
  • Barrell "Kuraokami" Private Selection Ice Wine Finish
  • Barrell Bourbon Private Release
  • Barrell Single Barrel Bourbon
  • Best Little Bourbon Single Barrel
  • Breckenridge Reserve Blend 86 Proof
  • Boulder Single Barrel Straight Bourbon
  • Boulder Single Barrel Cask Strength Bourbon
  • Bulleit Single Barrel Bourbon
  • Bulleit Single Barrel Bourbon 3rd Edition
  • Clyde Mays 5 Year Single Barrel 102 Proof
  • Clyde Mays 5 Year Single Barrel 105 Proof
  • Clyde Mays 5 Year Single Barrel Rye 104 Proof
  • Clover Barrel Strength Single Barrel Bourbon
  • Codigo Blanco Rested in Sauvignon Blanc
  • Corazon Anejo Tequila Single Barrel Finished in 1792 Barrel
  • Corazon Anejo Tequila Single Barrel Finished in Blanton's Barrel
  • Corazon Anejo Tequila Single Barrel Finished in Sazerac Rye Barrel
  • Dobel Diamonte Special Edition
  • Don Julio Private Cask Reposado Plaza Azteca Ed.
  • Far North Roknar Maryland Style Rye 117.6 Proof
  • Garrison Brothers 128.3 Proof
  • Garrison Brothers 128.1 Proof
  • George Dickel Single Barrel "Sid's First" Tennessee Whiskey

  • Hotel Tango Cask Strength Single Barrel RTD Bourbon
  • Jefferson's Reserve Single Barrel
  • Kavalan Taiwan Single Malt Cask Strength Single Barrel Finished in Bourbon Casks
  • Keepers Heart Irish + American Cask Strength Finished In Maple Syrup Barrels 119.44 Proof
  • Knob Creek "Wooooooooo 3" Single Barrel Bourbon
  • Knob Creek "The Rye Stuff" Single Barrel Rye
  • Maker's Mark Private Selection "4-Wood"
  • Maker's Mark Private Selection "Michelle's Lil Sweetie"
  • Middle West Pumpernickel Cask Strength Single Barrel Rye
  • Myers's Single Barrel Rum
  • New Riff Cask Strength Single Barrel Bourbon
  • New Riff Single Barrel Rye 111.4 Proof
  • Oak & Eden 4 Grain & Spire Orange Liqueur and Cognac Stave
  • Oak & Eden Bourbon & Amburana Spire
  • Old Elk Straight Wheat Homie 107.9 Proof
  • Old Elk 8 Yr Single Barrel Bourbon "Air Time"
  • Old Elk 7 Yr Wheat "Candy is Dandy"
  • Old Elk Ri~ 6 Year 114.9 Proof
  • Old Pepper Single Barrel Rye 119.2 Proof
  • Old Scout Single Barrel Bourbon
  • Patron Anejo Barrel Select
  • Rebel Cask Strength "It's Good"
  • Rebel Distillers Collection "Rebel without a cube"

  • Redemption High Rye Single Barrel Bourbon
  • Remus Single Barrel "King of the Barrel Pickers"
  • Rossville Union Single Barrel Rye
  • Savage & Cooke Burning Chair Custom Blend
  • Savage & Cooke Burning Chair 100% Cabernet Finish
  • Savage & Cooke Burning Chair 100% Grenache Finish
  • Savage & Cooke Burning Chair 100% Zinfandel Finish
  • Southern Star Paragon Cask Strength Wheated Bourbon 108.6 proof
  • Stellum Serpens Single Barrel Rye 117.66 proof
  • Stellum Perseus Single Barrel Bourbon 114.66 proof
  • Taiter Bait Single Barrel
  • Tattersall BIB Wheated Bourbon
  • Tattersall Cask Strength Straight Rye 131.2 Proof
  • Three Chord "Elliot's (SP) Exclusion" Dakota Whiskey Territory Pick
  • Triple Down Light Whiskey Single Barrel 147.3 Proof
  • Whistle Pig 10 year Single Barrel Rye III 107.8 Proof
  • Whistle Pig 10 year Single Barrel Rye IV 102.2 Proof
  • Whistle Pig 10 year Single Barrel Rye V 104.9 Proof
  • Wilderness Trail Cask Strength Rye
  • Wisers 4 Grain Custom Blend
  • Woodford Profile 1
  • Woodford Profile 2
  • Woodford Profile 3
  • Woodford Rye Profile E
  • Yellowstone Single Barrel 115 proof
  • Yellowstone Single Barrel 93 proof